Funded by the Landfill Disposal Tax administered by the WCVA.

Wild Ground are running a new 2-year project called Connah’s Quay Woodlands, based, in Connah’s Quay, Flintshire, on the three interlinked woodland sites of Broadoak Woods, Llwyni and Gathering Grounds, thanks to funding from Landfill Disposal Tax.

Public paths run through each of these sites, and they are well-used and valued by local people.

The programme aims to build on the work of the recently completed Our Backyard programme in the area and engage local people with nature on their doorsteps.

Woodlands improve our quality of life by helping to make us physically healthier and improving our mental well-being. The Connah’s Quay Woodland Project will offer volunteering opportunities for all, with a focus on woodland management and creation, as well as holding engaging education and well-being events.

Woodland in Wales is home to more vulnerable or threatened species than any other habitat, with 210 of the 542 Welsh species of principal biodiversity importance relying on woodland habitats.

At the core of the project will be a regular weekly volunteer day with volunteers will be engaged in tasks such as:

  • Coppicing, pruning, hedge laying and other techniques to improve the health and structure of the woodlands.
  • Creating wildlife corridors to link the woodlands with other nearby green space.
  • Removing non-native species such as rhododendron.
  • Creating habitat piles from dead wood/cut brash material, to provide shelter for insects, small mammals, and amphibians.
  • Improving pathways and bridges through the woods.
  • Creation and placement of bird/bat nesting/roosting boxes.
  • Monitoring species and submitting records

There will be the opportunity for traditional conservation work and for more accessible tasks for volunteers who may find this unsuitable. Volunteering sessions will have the aim of supporting volunteers to make more local social connections, enhancing skills, confidence, and well-being.

Regular sessions with local schools will be held to give the children a close-up experience of nature, a better understanding of the natural world, and more knowledge of the area where they live.

A series of community events focussing on developing the conservation skills such as hedge laying, including some sessions suitable for families such as bushcraft will be delivered throughout the programme.

The project will run until 31/10/2025 and is funded by the Landfill Disposal Tax administered by the WCVA.