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At Groundwork North Wales, we believe that working with local communities to build their resilience is vital in facing up to the challenges of a global economy and changing climate. We know that the negative effects of climate change and environmental breakdown impact first and worst on those who have the least power in society, and who contribute least to the cause of the crisis. A ‘just transition’ to an inclusive, net zero economy must tackle, rather than entrench, this inequality and provide a springboard for better work and healthier, happier lives in the places that need it most. This means creating green jobs that build wealth in local communities, changing behaviour to reduce the wastage of food, energy, and water, providing biodiverse, accessible green spaces, supporting businesses to be more responsible and empowering communities to lead activities that improve their quality of life and promote health and well-being.

Our 2023 annual impact report highlights the inspirational impacts that the Groundwork North Wales team, volunteers, and beneficiaries have made over the last year. I hope you will find it an enjoyable read.

You can view the Impact Report online HERE