Refurbs Repair and Reuse centre in Buckley, has launched a series of events to take place this summer aimed at fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle and supporting the local economy.

The first event, a community plant swap, will take place this Friday, June 21st from 11 am at the centre on Brunswick Rd, Buckley.

Hanna Clarke Project Lead said

"We're thrilled to bring Buckley residents together to swap plants. Promoting reusing and sharing resources within our community."

Residents are encouraged to bring any plants, seedlings, seeds or cuttings they can spare from their gardens to swap with others. Whether you're a seasoned plant person looking to extend your collection or a newbie looking for your first green friend, this event is for you. Bring along your healthy, unwanted plants to swap with others or browse our selection of locally sourced plants available for purchase. A fantastic opportunity to connect with your community assist in fostering a circular economy and promote sustainability.

The plant swap is free to attend and open to the public taking place from 11 am at Refurbs Repair & Reuse Centre 9 Brunswick Rd, Buckley CH7 2ED.

The plant swap kicks off Refurbs Buckley’s series of pop up events all with a sustainability theme. The events aim to engage the community through events focused on sustainable living practices such as shopping locally, swapping items, repairing and reusing items.

These pop-up events have received £5,657 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Don't miss out on these exciting events at Refurbs Buckley. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and future generations. For more information on these events or how get involved in swapping please contact Hanna on 01978 757 524, email [email protected] or visit