Refurbs Buckley is committed to promoting the message of sustainability and reducing waste through community engagement, and is calling upon the local community to get involved in its ongoing Clothes Swap events, aimed at fostering a culture of reuse and reducing clothing.

The clothing swap events hosted by Refurbs Buckley provide an opportunity for community members to exchange pre-loved clothing items, promoting sustainability and social responsibility. With ongoing swaps already underway, we invite the Buckley community to join our initiative.

Play your part in creating a more circular economy, donating your pre-loved clothing and avoiding textiles going to landfill. Attendees can uncover unique finds and refresh their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Attendees are encouraged to bring gently used clothing items to the designated swap locations during the specified timings. Each donated item equates to tokens, which can be exchanged for other clothing items available at the event. The more items you donate, the greater the opportunity to find new additions to your wardrobe.

As part of Refurbs, the Flintshire based charity that aims to provide affordable furniture, to make people aware of the benefits of reusing and recycling, to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Refurbs Buckley wants to continue this positive impact on the environment and promote a responsible community. We hope that this initiative will promote sustainable fashion and help reduce waste.

Dates for the next Clothes Drop & Swap events.

Clothes Drop    May 22nd

Clothes Swap   May 29th

Clothes Drop    Jun 19th

Clothes Swap   Jun 26th

For more details or to register your interest in attending please contact us via [email protected] or call 01978 757524. We invite everyone to join us at these upcoming events and look forward to connecting our community.