Our Celtic Heritage & Culture education programme is delivered across North Wales and the border counties.

Embracing the life of a Celt, children follow the story of our Celtic leader in full costume, on their mission to find their lost chief and village. Our interactive programme inspires learning through storytelling and access to artefacts.

This key stage 2 education programme supports the national curriculum in History, Science, D&T, Literacy, Art & Design and Geography.

The children start their journey as a fully costumed Celt before they are trained in the art of making clay thumb pots and material on looms. Having designed their own Celtic shield they are taught how to hunt or fight with training spears before discovering the day’s hidden message by learning and reading the Ogham alphabet.


“As an organisation we recognise the decline in the proportion of people able to speak Welsh and we support the Welsh Government’s strategy “Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh Speakers”. We are committed to promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language through our work, with all our resources available through the medium of English and Welsh, as well as having fluent Welsh speakers supporting our programme delivery”.

Karen Balmer CPFA
Chief executive