Repair and Reuse centre in Buckley are hosting upcycling workshops and monthly repair sessions

The workshops will be promoting the upcycling of everyday items that you no longer require or need. For example, upcycling fashion / costume jewellery into new jewellery and decorative items.  Making cushion covers out of old curtains, bird boxes and planters from left over wood pieces and much more.

Alongside the workshops, monthly repair sessions are planned. These sessions offer an opportunity for community members to bring small household items to the centre where they can learn from skilled volunteers how to repair and restore them.

Refurbs are looking for volunteers from the local community who have skills they wish to share to get involved with the workshops and repair sessions.

They are looking for volunteers with general woodwork, electrical or electronic repair, time piece and jewellery repair, sewing and upholstery knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in volunteering to run a workshop or offering your skills and knowledge at a repair session, get in touch with Hanna Clarke on 01978 757524 / [email protected]

The workshops and repair sessions have been made possible thanks to funding from the Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposal Tax Communities Scheme, administered by WCVA.