Groundwork North Wales is proud to release their 2020 Impact Report.

The report can be viewed  HERE  and is available from Groundwork North Wales. It will be sent out to key partners and funders over the coming weeks.

As a charity that works to transform lives in disadvantaged communities, the impact report demonstrates how proud Groundwork North Wales are of the impact they make each year.

The report helps to highlight achievements and how the work on the ground supports the ongoing effort to improve the social, economic,  environmental and cultural well-being of Wales as a nation.

Groundwork North wales carries out many projects each year, and the report highlights some of these.  For example,  how they help to tackle climate change with partner organisation Refurbs, by diverting waste from landfill. Also, how fuel poverty is tackled by delivering their  Energy projects.  Toyota Thrive is a project that demonstrates how Groundwork North Wales brings out the best in young people, and how to build stronger communities and improve a local area with programmes such as Our Back yard.

Engaging people with the natural environment is the golden thread that runs through Groundwork North Wales activities, as most projects involve the great outdoors.